Saturday, October 10, 2009

More on independent work

We have modified some things. First, I made a checklist in a spreadsheet program (so it has boxes to check for every day of the week). I have a basic list and then I add the details for the week (like what passages to read in the Bible daily.) That way, my daughter did not overlook something, and too quickly say "I'm done".

Second, I had her start bringing me the list to check off (this is probably not permanent), so I could inspect her work more. She was needing help on not taking short-cuts. It also gave me a chance to ask if she put the materials up after she finished.

Last, we cut out Lyrical Life sciences. I decided to ask what she wasn't liking or would cut out if she were given the choice. It was science, copywork, and German. So, I put the Science CD in the car to listen to occasionally and decided to just do the handwriting book for now. We are going a bit faster through the German, which we are almost finished with, so we can start a different program soon (Rosetta Stone if I can afford it.) And I decided to make the enrichment drawers optional (but earn points to be used toward movies, etc.) If those simple changes mean she likes school, it's well worth it!

And I do try to suggest about once a week, that she go outside to draw, so that her art journal also functions as a nature journal. So, I add some science back in that way. Hope this helps someone. A lot of good ideas need a bit of modification to really work, so don't be afraid to change what doesn't work.

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