Saturday, October 10, 2009

More on independent work

We have modified some things. First, I made a checklist in a spreadsheet program (so it has boxes to check for every day of the week). I have a basic list and then I add the details for the week (like what passages to read in the Bible daily.) That way, my daughter did not overlook something, and too quickly say "I'm done".

Second, I had her start bringing me the list to check off (this is probably not permanent), so I could inspect her work more. She was needing help on not taking short-cuts. It also gave me a chance to ask if she put the materials up after she finished.

Last, we cut out Lyrical Life sciences. I decided to ask what she wasn't liking or would cut out if she were given the choice. It was science, copywork, and German. So, I put the Science CD in the car to listen to occasionally and decided to just do the handwriting book for now. We are going a bit faster through the German, which we are almost finished with, so we can start a different program soon (Rosetta Stone if I can afford it.) And I decided to make the enrichment drawers optional (but earn points to be used toward movies, etc.) If those simple changes mean she likes school, it's well worth it!

And I do try to suggest about once a week, that she go outside to draw, so that her art journal also functions as a nature journal. So, I add some science back in that way. Hope this helps someone. A lot of good ideas need a bit of modification to really work, so don't be afraid to change what doesn't work.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independent Work works for us!

Well, I've shared about my daughter's list before. And of course every year I redo it slightly, so I thought I would share this year's version. I decided it was too stressful trying to get my older daughter finished with her morning list by a certain time, so I am giving her all her independent work for the day, including the free reading. Then, I schedule myself to teach the girls between 10 and noon. Independent work not finished before then, is finished during room time after lunch. Hope this helps someone. I love to schedule things, though I follow them pretty loosely. Because my daughter has been used to doing her morning work, she is able to do all of this, even though she's just starting 3rd grade. And of course, the independence is a skill itself!

Here's what she's doing this year:

* Quarter Mile Math (computer game that drills math facts)

* Practice piano (she plays her song 3 times through--not alot, but something)

* Exercises (right now this is stretches plus jumping on the mini-tramp)

* Math Workbook

* Read to sister (the science book from her Pre-K)

* Writing (Copywork or Handwriting)

* Art Journal (free drawing in a journal)

* Reader or at least 20 min. Free Reading (when ahead on scheduled readers)

* Bible Reading

* Coop HW (if any, from her elective-type coop classes)

* One Enrichment Drawer (I fill this on the weekend--that way I can get in some extras, like educational games)

CD learning:

* Lyrical Life Science

* MUS skip counting song (some weeks we won't have this)

* German (Powerglide)

* Memory Verse (part of SL curriculum)