Friday, March 21, 2008

Hint on getting your bathrooms cleaned

One cleaning chore that I can't let go too much is the toilets and sinks. So, I taught my dd 6 how to clean them. She does a passable job (good for a six year old!) But the trick is we use natural cleaners! A small spray bottle of vinegar and a bit of baking soda for scrubbing. Kills germs and scrubs stains. Here's some info on natural cleaning from my health blog:

I accomplish several things: teaches my daughter life skills/home ec. (she really likes cleaning, but not picking up), helps our house stay liveable, and helps me save energy so I can invest in my children. Also, I think it helps to start young chores, b/c there is less resistance. They actually enjoy doing "big" things. Later, it will be a habit. If I ask for much work, I do usually pay them a bit. They are much cheaper than a maid though! Just getting used to doing chores helps teach a good work ethic.