Friday, September 12, 2008

Celebrating the small stuff...

Last I posted I mentioned about my "children being taught of the Lord". Well, I want to celebrate an little ex. of that by sharing a cute story. We've just started reading a family devotional on grace at night. So, my 3 y.o. must have been trying to process it all b/c out of the blue she says something like, " I did grace one time when I gave Elizabeth 2 people (toys) when she didn't deserve it." So neat that she got the basic idea--I really didn't expect her to get much out of it. But to give you the background, when she was playing with Elizabeth a few weeks ago they had a disagreement b/c my little sweetie wanted to have all the people in the house set and give Elizabeth only one. So, after I explained that she could share them equally or not play at all she decided to share. :) It cracked me up that she deemed Elizabeth unworthy of having an equal share of the toys, but hey, at least she's learning something.

It's especially encouraging b/c I'm struggling to keep up with the devotional, so it's a good motivator to see someone is listening. And especially b/c I'm way over my limit of stress and pressures and ability to keep up right now. But God's got my children covered.

If you have a small celebration, please share it!